LOW CARB COOKING 101: LESSON 2 – Popular Recreations

Lesson 2 Low Carb recreations

Here is a guide to recreating popular, classic comfort food recipes with a lower carb and ketogenic friendly twist. The best way to have discipline, reduce food boredom and have your low carb cake and eat it too!

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Whether you’re new to the low carb lifestyle or you have been a follower of this diet and way of eating for a long time, you can understand that after a few weeks, food boredom can set it in.

Sometimes it’s not even boredom but the “FOMO” (fear of missing out) involved when there are important parties, events, or holidays and you want to stay on track but not feel like you’re following a diet.

Food is a part of our lives and how we socialize, and no one wants to feel like they can’t enjoy themselves. It’s about finding balance in life long term so you can still make Keto Corn Tortillas on Taco Tuesday or indulge on pizza night with this Keto Chicago Thin Crust Pizza recipe.

That’s why I share these recreation recipes early on in the low carb cooking journey because it’s good to know you have these recipes as an option for when you find you really need them!

Keto copycat collage

What to know about creating keto and low carb copycat foods?

  • These recipes are intended to help find a middle ground for your favorite foods while staying low carb
  • Texture is just as important as flavor. I focus on this a lot, but at the end of the day a noodle made from zucchini will never actually taste like pasta my friends (so have realistic expectations)
  • Recreations can often be more involved. But, you’re here because you love to cook and want to find a way to make gourmet foods while sticking to a low carb lifestyle.
  • I do my best to share ingredient substitutions in recipes (like when you can and cannot swap coconut flour for almond flour). But, keep in mind these are well tested recipes and I include every ingredient for a reason (especially in baking).
  • While most recipes are made from scratch, I sometimes share store bought options so you can make semi-homemade comfort food recipes a little easier.

What are the best low carb or keto friendly store bought substitute products for low carb recreations?

While I do love to cook my own foods the majority of the time, sometimes it just makes sense to purchase or use one of these items. There are so many low carb products now on the market.

Here are some I’ve personally purchased and would recommend (I have never been sponsored or paid to give my opinion on any of these products, but I did use some affiliate links below for full transparency).

Buns & Breads:

Wraps, Tortillas, and Pita Breads:

a stack of four Homemade Keto Quarter Pounder (Royale With Cheese)
Grilled Low Carb Apricot Pesto & Prosciutto Flatbread

Other Popular Recreation Favorites:

  • Carba-Nada Low-Carb Fettuccine Pasta- Like I said, zucchini just doesn’t taste like noodles. While I will recreate recipes that will do the best for you to stick to a low carb diet, sometimes it’s nice having store bought alternatives when needed. I used these noodles in this Low Carb Italian Wedding Soup recipe.
  • Black Soy Beans- No, beans are not usually low carb or keto friendly, however soy beans are a higher fiber lower carb option to that rule. These dried ones will be more budget friendly but you can also check out the Eden brand I use in my Low Carb Cuban Black beans recipe too.
  • Keto Waffle/ Pancake Mix – I don’t have any recipes for this on my site. I just don’t often seek out sweet recipes for breakfast I think, or I’ll use a chaffle when needed. But, if you need an optional sub this mix is a good one to doctor up and make some low carb pancakes.
Low Carb Cuban Style Black Beans

Low Carb Copycat Recreation Recipes:

Without further ado, grab the perfect list of all my favorite keto and low carb copycat recreations you can make at home and share with friends and family alike.