I’ve spent over a decade in the culinary field and have met people from all walks of life and the one thing that always connects us is food.

Food is truly a universal language.

Whether it’s for the love of creating, the joy of entertaining and celebrating, or just giving our bodies the much needed love and care from a healthy and heartwarming meal, we can all find joy in the meals that we share around our table. Bonappeteach.com is a tool for people who love (or want to love) how to cook a variety of foods and to learn and grow their craft.

You will find a large variety of recipes along with specialty niches like gluten free and keto friendly recipes, cocktails, and a large offering of dishes for the smoker and grill.  Utilize the search menu above to help find what you’re looking for (there’s something for everyone).

Who Is Bon Appeteach?

Lauren Nagel, the creative mind behind BonAppeteach.com, is not your average culinary enthusiast. She is a recipe creator, passionate chef, food blogger extraordinaire, and a dedicated educator on a mission to transform the way we approach cooking and eating. With a heart as warm as her kitchen and a palate as diverse as the cuisines she explores, Lauren is an inspiration to food lovers across the internet.

Driven by her love for food and her desire to share her culinary expertise with the world, Lauren founded BonAppeteach.com in 2018. This digital haven is where she meticulously crafts delectable recipes, each one a labor of love. From mouthwatering live fire creations to irrisitable comfort food delights, Lauren’s recipes cater to a wide array of dietary preferences, making gourmet cooking accessible to all.

As an educator, Lauren goes above and beyond to demystify the culinary world. She offers valuable insights on everything from mastering essential cooking techniques to understanding the science behind different cuisines. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, Lauren’s guidance will elevate your culinary prowess. Welcome and happy cooking!

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