Eating healthy can sometimes feel boring, intimidating, and even unapproachable to those looking to make changes to their diet and lifestyle. Bon Appeteach is a healthy comfort food-based recipe blog that focuses on creating REAL recipes for REAL people. With teaching as a focus, this is a space to inspire people to get back into their kitchens and create healthy and delicious meals all on their own.

Bon Appeteach hosts a wide variety of recipes from classic healthier twists on every day meals, a wide range of grill recipes (gas and charcoal), baking the perfect treat, or mixing up a killer cocktail. This is a ONE stop shop for recipe inspiration. All you need to do is grab your apron, sharpen your knives, and find culinary success in the kitchen no matter your skill level or dietary needs!

Who Is Bon Appeteach?

Lauren Nagel is a Chicago area native with a passion for all things food and cooking. By trade, Lauren is a licensed Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, and has spent nearly a decade teaching high school culinary arts. Her passion for cooking and teaching helped inspire the creation of Bon Appeteach in 2018.

Lauren was an exclusive partner and brand ambassador with the luxury gas grill brand, Lynx Grills and a member of the 2020 Big Green Egg professional BBQ team.

In addition to cooking for her blog, you will find Lauren teaching private culinary courses as well as, publishing recipes and food photography in national publications and cook books. Most days you will find her cooking in her kitchen or throwing down on one of her many backyard grills and sharing food with friends and family.

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