Low Carb Cooking 101: Lesson 1 – Meal Prep

Join me for lesson 1, as I guide you through the mastery of gourmet low carb meal prep. The goal is to help you kick off your low carb diet successfully without sacrificing on taste, texture, or fun!

Low Carb Cooking 101 Lesson 1 Meal Prep

One of the biggest ways to set yourself up for success when looking to make any dietary changes, is to meal prep. It’s so easy to grab other easy to eat food items when we are STARVING! Having the foods you want to eat available is a perfect way to steer yourself to making other choices and getting more familiar with this style of eating.

Additionally, it also helps you with planning, budgeting, and having some predictability to take the guess work out of eating low carb. Remember, if you’re just starting out on your low carb cooking journey and you have questions, be sure to check out my Guide To Eating A Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet to reference commonly asked questions.

Tips For A Successful Meal Prep:

Below are helpful tips for helping you plan a successful meal prep so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can have fun cooking in the kitchen-

Ask yourself some basic questions to start:

  • What time of the day am I often in the most hurry or too tired to cook?
  • Do I like to snack between meals?
  • What foods or cuisines are my favorite?

Once you identify the answer to these questions, you can plan what meals you will benefit the most from if they are prepared ahead of time. For example, I know I like having snacks on hand for between meals (that means having berries, cut up veggies, maybe some delicious Spicy Deviled Eggs or Keto Chex Party Mix on hand if I need something quick.

Meal Prep Snacks for cooking low carb 101

Here are some other general easy meal prep tips to follow:

  • Avoid picking meals with foods that’s don’t reheat well (recipes with fish or shrimp for example). Anything that will often get soggy as well (zucchini noodle recipes) is a no-go for me too.
  • If meal prepping for a salad that has a lot of vegetables and lettuce, keep your lettuce separate and add it to a container the day of if the meal is on the go or mix it all together when you go to eat it to prevent sogginess.
  • Only choose a few meals a week to prep. This way it ensures you are eating everything you make and don’t waste food and this still leaves room for flexibility when your schedule changes or you opt to eat out etc.
  • Pick one day a week to do you meal prep on. When I was teaching full time, I would often grocery shop early on a weekend morning (avoiding the mob of people at the store) and would prep what I needed for the week to make it healthy eating less stressful when I was tired.

If you have any meal prep questions, come ask them and share your experiences in the Low Carb Cooking 101 private Facebook group!

Low Carb Meal Prep Recipes:

Here are categorized round up’s of expertly tested meal prep friendly low carb recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, and some easy low carb foolproof dessert recipes too!

Low Carb Cooking 101: Meal Prep Recipes

Get everything you need to kick of your low carb or keto diet with these easy, expertly tested meal prep recipes. You'll find snacks ideas, low carb lunch and dinner recipes, and easy dessert ideas as well!