Game Day Smoker Recipes

Game Day Smoker Recipes

Celebrate the big game in style with these delicious game day recipe ideas for you charcoal or pellet smoker. Here is the ultimate list of easy appetizers and classic BBQ dishes you can throw down for the best football food for your family and friends!

Whether you love to make epic game day party food from the parking lot of your favorite sports team or from the comfort of your own backyard, here are all the recipes ideas you need to throw a successful tailgate party.

I’ll cover all the classic appetizers from chicken wings, spicy chili, jalapeno poppers, to classic pulled pork shoulder and delicious baby back ribs. I’ll even include some of my favorite smoker friendly drinks too.

These recipes have been used on a variety of grills an smokers. They can be done of gas, ceramic, off set, or electric pellet smokers. Grab all the details below with this ultimate recipe guide for game day snacks!

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Game Day Smoker Accessories:

Here are some essential game day smoker accessories you might need to make your game day feast go as smooth as possible.

  • High quality meat thermometer probe (the best tool any backyard pitmaster could have)
  • High quality heat proof gloves for getting your food on and off the smoker
  • Foil Pans (always helpful for easy clean up)
  • Tongs, spatulas, and baking sheets for easy transfer!
Pork butt being smoked on a gas grill

Smoked Chicken Wing Recipes:

Here are my popular recipes for grilled and smoked wings. These recipes are next level for celebrating ant your next super bowl party. Here are a few general tips for smoking your wings-

  • Always remove moisture to encourage crispier skin.
  • Use some baking powder to help absorb extra moisture (this is a great hack).
  • Always add a BBQ dry rub to your wings and add your BBQ sauce at the end to prevent burning.
  • Total cook time for wings can vary. Cook until a minimum of 165 F. (but they taste better after 180 F.).

Smoked Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wing recipes you can make on your next game day!

Smoked Dip Recipes:

Dips always are one of the best ways to feed a hungry crowd! I love a good game day snack dip full of cheesy goodness, so I rounded up a few of my favorites (like the viral smoked queso dip recipe and smoked cream cheese) you can enjoy all football season long. All you need is your favorite bag of tortilla chips and some sliced veggies to dig in.

Smoked Dip Recipes

Enjoy one of these smoked dips you can make on your grill or smoker.

Smoked Pork Game Day Recipes:

From bite off the bone ribs to classic pulled pork butt, making some classic BBQ is a great way to feed the whole crowd. Plan ahead for recipes like these which can take 5 to 12+ hours to cook.

Smoked Pork Game Day Recipes

Cook up classic pork BBQ recipes for your next game day tailgate or backyard party.

Handheld Tailgating Recipes on the Smoker:

Hand held appetizers are always a great option to serve to the masses. Here are some of my favorite easy recipes (siders, hot dogs, grilled brats and more) to throw down on the smoker or grill that will ensure your friends and family have a good time!

Handheld Tailgating Recipes on the Smoker:

Perfect finger food recipes to share for game day and beyond!

Sliders, Sandwiches, and Hot Dogs:

Finish game day in style with the perfect selection of classic game day sliders, sandwiches, and hot dogs!

Sliders, Sandwiches, and Hot Dogs

Round up of our favorite sliders, sandwiches, and hot dog recipes!

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