5 Tips For Making Rotisserie Chicken

5 Tips For Making Rotisserie Chicken

Learn to make the best homemade rotisserie chicken on the grill with these helpful and foolproof tips!

This was written in partnership with Lynx Grills. All opinions and tips are my own.

We’ve all had a store bought rotisserie chicken. Many times these chickens are sitting under a warming lamp for several hours before you buy one.

Is it convenient? Of course. 

But with only a small amount of prep work and these 5 helpful tips, you can easily create the most mouthwatering grilled rotisserie chicken right at home.

Below you will find these 5 easy tips for elevating your grilled rotisserie chicken game and taking it to the next level. Make sure you watch the full video too!

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Tip #1: Pat The Chicken Dry

In order to achieve crispy chicken skin any time you roast, bake, or grill, you need to remove as much excess moisture from the outside and inside of the bird.

Typically, whole chickens come wrapped in plastic and sit in a lot of it’s own juices, take a few papers towels and remove as much of the liquid from the outside of the bird as possible.

This helps ensure you cook and crisp the skin, and not steam it.

Tip #2: Use A Bowl To Assemble

Have you ever tried to put a giant raw chicken onto a rotisserie spit? 

It’s not difficult, but it is AWKWARD! 

You’re handling raw chicken and trying to maneuver the spit through the chicken and secure it with the forks. This can be messy and tricky if you’re trying to assemble it so the weight is also even.

5 Tips For Making Rotisserie Chicken

I like to use a large metal bowl to balance the rotisserie spit on. It basically acts as another set of hands and makes it easier to secure the forks that hold the chicken in place.

Tip #3: Season Once It’s On The Spit

Once you have the chicken secured to the spit, use that bowl to help you season by rotating it as you go.

I like to add oil, salt, pepper, and paprika.

The beautiful thing about preparing your own rotisserie chicken at home is you have some many ways to customize the flavor profile.

So go crazy (on flavor) without making a crazy mess with this tip.

5 Tips For Making Rotisserie Chicken

Tip #4: Prepare For Easy Clean Up

Scrubbing off cooked on chicken juice and fat from the drip pan is not exactly how I want to enjoy my night, especially after enjoying such a delicious meal.

Keep clean up quick and easy by lining the drip pan with foil so all you have to do is remove it and toss it away.

I’m definitely ok with fewer dishes, aren’t you?

5 Tips For Making Rotisserie Chicken

Tip #5: Patience Is Key

Yes, you read that right.

Patience. Is. Key.

When the chicken comes of the rotisserie, you’re going to want to dig in but hold off!

Let the juices settle and redistribute back across the chicken before cutting it. I like to tent the chicken with a small piece of foil and sip some wine for about 10 minutes or so.

Then go crazy (there’s that word again) on this chicken dinner! If you enjoyed some of these helpful tips for grilling, make sure you stop by my Instagram page where I often give helpful cooking tips daily!

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