7 Healthy Grilled and Smoked Seafood Dinner Recipes

Easy 30 Minute Smoked Crab Legs

Love to grill? Looking to add some new healthy dinner recipe ideas to your weeknight meal rotation? Try these 7 flavor packed seafood recipes smoked on the grill!

Adding a variety of seafood to your diet is a great way to eat proteins low in saturated fat, while also getting the protein that you need to keep you going. Fish and shellfish are also super quick and easy to smoke infuse on the grill for a flavorful, healthier way to cook for the whole family.

Want to tackle shrimp on the barbie? As an avid griller and smoker myself, I love using low and slow cooking methods when cooking things like salmon, crab, and shrimp. When meat is leaner and contains less fat, these slower methods help keep the seafood tender, yet cooked perfectly all while infusing it with delicious flavor from the grill.

If you haven’t checked out my guide on the 10 Recipes Every BBQ Lover Should Master, start there first and then check out the rest of this easy seafood grill guide to help you gain success.

Below are a handful of seafood dishes that can be used for easy weeknight meals or even as a meal prep (that smoked salmon salad is a game changer). Grab all the details below and read through for a few general tips and tricks to throwing down some fish and shellfish on the BBQ!

General Tips For Grilling Seafood:

  • According to the FDA fish and seafood should be cooked to a minimum temperature (for safety) of 145 F. Use a thermometer like this Thermoworks Thermapen for accuracy.
  • Utilize two zone grilling (aka indirect and direct heat) by cooking and smoking your seafood on the indirect/ cooler side of your grill. Harsh heat from direct flames are quick to dry out the lean and delicate meat in your seafood. Use direct heat at the end for searing and color.
  • Want to grill shrimp on a skewer? Use two skewers to hold the shrimp together so they don’t spin (see more regarding this tip via the Shrimp and Shishito pepper recipe below).
  • For delicate fish, oil the grates and the fish to prevent sticking and tearing or use cedar planks to help add flavor and prevent your seafood from sticking.
  • Avoid glazes and sauces with a lot of sugar to prevent the sugars from burning and caramelizing on the grill.

Ready to cook some seafood of your gas or charcoal grill? Here are my 7 favorite seafood recipes I can make any night of the week.

1. Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Burgers

Assemble these burgers using fresh salmon, herbs, and veggies and smoke on a cedar plank to infuse with delicious flavor. These are so easy to whip up and make yourself! Pair with my low carb jicama fry recipe for the perfect pairing.

Get the recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon Burgers

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Burgers

2. Easy Smoked Shrimp

While this recipe can easily be made in the oven, smoke infused grilled shrimp is easy to do and so good too! These butter basted shrimp are cooked with tons of garlic, some seasonings and spices, for the perfect dish. Pair with my Roasted Garlic Herb Butter Cauliflower Mash for the perfect healthy pairing too.

Get the recipe for Easy Smoked Shrimp

Easy Smoked Shrimp

3. Easy Grilled Pistachio Sesame Salmon

Fire up the gas grill with this beautiful side of salmon with ease! This recipe features the nutty flavor of pistachios and toasted sesames, mixed with a bright pop of fresh lemon for a perfect refreshing salmon filet dinner.

Get the recipe for Grilled Pistachio Sesame Salmon

Pistachio salmon on a platter being cut with a fork

4. Smoked Crab Dip

This smoke infused crab dip is a hit not only at parties, but pairs well with other proteins like steak or beef tenderloin.

Get the recipe for Smoked Crab Dip

Smoked Crab Dip

5. Easy Cedar Plank Salmon Salad

An easy to make, fresh salmon salad recipe that works perfect on the grill but converts to the oven as well. It’s gluten free, whole 30, keto friendly, and makes a perfect meal prep for lunch and dinner!

Get the recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon Salad

Easy Cedar Plank Salmon Salad

6. Easy Grilled Sesame Shrimp with Shishito Peppers

Learn how to master shrimp on the grill and pair it with a delicious lightly spicy and savory shishito for the perfect appetizer or easy dinner. This recipe will elevate any basic shrimp cook and help you become a pro at making grilled shrimp skewers.

Get the recipe for grilled sesame shrimp with shishito peppers

Easy Grilled Sesame Shrimp with Shishito Peppers

7. Easy 30 Minute Smoked Crab Legs

The easiest smoked crab legs with clarified butter that you can make in under 30 minutes on your grill (or in the oven). This is an incredibly easy recipe with an insanely delicious end result! Make it happen!

Get the recipe for 30 Minute Smoked Crab Legs

Easy 30 Minute Smoked Crab Legs

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