6 Unique Chicken Wing Recipes You Have To Make

How to grill crispy wings with bbq sauce

Let’s take wing night to a whole other level with these 6 unique grilled hot chicken wing ideas you and your family have to make!

Wing night is a weekly occurrence in my house because they are so easy to make, can fit a low carb keto diet, and feel indulgent while still being fun and versatile.

My go-to healthy method for cooking wings are to either grill them or throw them in my air fryer. If you haven’t checked out my guide on How To Grill Crispy Chicken Wings make sure you read it through so you can achieve the crispiest skin with those tips and techniques!

While there are several recipes out there for making chicken wings, these are 6 fun, unique, and flavor packed ways to enjoy your next hot wing night or game day. Check out each one and make room on your dinner menu to add these in. Which one are you trying first?

sauced thai curry chicken wings

A few general tips for grilling or cooking wings before you get started:

  • Remove moisture for crispy skin (pat them dry, leave them uncovered in the fridge overnight, or dust with baking powder/ cornstarch.
  • Cook your wings to a minimum temperature of 165 F (but they actually taste better around 185-190 F.)
  • Sauce right before serving to reduce sogginess
  • Bake or grill on an elevated cooling rack to help the heat move underneath the wings
  • Use this easy to make all purpose BBQ dry rub

Crispy Low Carb BBQ Wings (White Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Mustard Sauce)

Homemade grilled wings are one of my favorite ways to prepare this classic game day dish! Whether you’re cooking for a crowd, eating a low carb or keto diet, and want to keep your budget in mind, these fun BBQ sauce flavors add variety to wing night you will love.

Get the recipe for BBQ Sauced Wings

How to grill crispy wings with bbq sauce

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings with Beer Cheese Sauce

Indulge in these delicious smoked chicken wings on the Big Green Egg, wrapped in thick cut bacon, BBQ seasoning, and dipped in rich easy keto beer cheese sauce.

Get the recipe for Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings with Beer Cheese Sauce

Grilled Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings

There is NOTHING basic about these pumpkin pie spiced wings! Save this recipe to make for you next wing night or game day celebration even when it’s not the fall season (seriously these are top 3 of my favorite wings I’ve ever made).

Get the recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Chicken Wings

Grilled Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings

Grilled Firecracker Hot Wings

Crispy, spicy, grilled wings that are keto and low carb friendly! These are easy wings to make and sauce up for the spice lovers in your life.

Get the recipe for Grilled Firecracker Hot Wings

Grilled Firecracker Hot Wings

Crispy Grilled Butter Chicken Hot Wings

A spicy, butter chicken inspired hot sauce that goes so perfect with these easy, crispy, grilled chicken wings. Keto – Gluten Free – Low Carb.

Get the recipe for Butter Chicken Hot Wings

Crispy Grilled Butter Chicken Hot Wings

Thai Curry Chicken Wings

These crispy grilled, spicy wings bring the heat with this keto friendly, flavorful Thai inspired curry style hot sauce.

Get the recipe for Thai Curry Chicken Wings

Grilled Thai Curry Chicken Wings

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