Keto Armenian Pizzas (Lahmajun)

Keto Armenian Pizzas (Lahmajun)

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Keto Armenian Pizzas (Lahmajun):

I’m half Armenian. I grew up eating my grandmothers delicious breaded treats and boy have I missed them. Armenian cuisine is very similar to Greek and Lebanese food. We enjoy our shish kabobs, our rice pilaf, and our stuffed grape leaves. One of my favorite quick lunches or snacks is the Armenian Lahmajun (aka Armenian Pizza’s). They are typically made on a unleavened flat bread and the meat and tomato mixture is spread thinly over the top and pan fried or baked. Many Armenians (at least in my family) “cheat” by using a store bought homemade tortilla. This speeds up the process and helps when you’re making large batches. I love to freeze them and warm them up when I need a quick bite to each or a good snack. Below is the recipe for my low carb version. Feel free to make this with regular tortillas, low carb tortillas, or use this amazing 1 NET CARB Keto Tortilla Recipe!

Low Carb Armenian Lahmajun

“School” Supplies:

-Baking Sheet

-Parchment Paper or Silpat Mats

-Large Mixing Bowl


-Chef’s knife

-Can Opener


Low Carb Armenian Lahmajun

“Class” Notes:

The Meat:

The meat mixture for this is beyond simple. Use a high quality ground beef or ground lamb that has some fat in it (this helps with the flavor).  In a blender combine the tomato paste, sauce, parsley, onion, and spices. This sauce gives the meat moisture and should be smooth. Pour the tomato sauce mixture into the ground beef and mix thoroughly with your hands. The mixture should be not chunky. Sometimes I add a bit of water as well if it still looks to thick or dense. You want it to be spreadable on the flat breads/ tortillas.

Flat Bread Options:

You have a few options here depending on your dietary restrictions and preferences. You can use delicious carb filled handmade tortillas (I love the ones from Trader Joe’s because they are the closest to a real flat bread dough). For a pre-made low carb option you can use these (I like them because they are only 3 g. net carbs). There are a lot of low carb options out there so use what you like! Or you can use my 1 NET CARB Keto Tortilla Recipe as a base (this is what is pictured). They taste delicious and even though the texture is not a traditional Armenian Lamahjun, they are a great way to enjoy this treat!

Low Carb Armenian Lahmajun

Making Your Lahmajun:

Take your chosen “flat bread” and spread a very thin layer of meat on to each one. You’re going to have to get a little hands on here and use your fingers to spread and pat out the meat. This is the best way to get a nice thin and even layer of meat. If you just spread with a spoon it tends to cook unevenly and look sparse in some areas. So don’t sweat it, you’re cooking after all! They bake for 15-20 minutes (depends on how wet your meat mixture is). The end result should be a juicy (yet cooked) top layer and a warm flatbread. The edges can get a bit crispy! Eat right away, store in the fridge and warm in the oven and microwave, or freeze and reheat as needed!

Low Carb Armenian Lahmajun

Nutritional Information (Will Vary):

For the Meat Mixture Alone (2 Tbsp/ Serving)- 107 calories, 6g Fat, 12 g. Protein, 2 g. Net Carbs

With my Keto Tortilla Recipe145 calories, 8 g. Fat, 14 g. Protein, 3 g. Net Carbs

Bon Appeteach,


Keto Armenian Pizzas (Lahmajun)

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Serves: 16-32 Cooking Time: 40 minutes


  • 1 lb. Ground Beef or Ground Lamb
  • 16 oz. Tomato Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. Tomato Paste
  • 1 cup, Parsley
  • 1 small Yellow Onion
  • 2 cloves, Garlic
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/4 tsp. Allspice
  • 1/2 tsp. Aleppo Pepper or Cayenne (optional)
  • 16 Large "Flat Bread" Tortillas (see above notes for the low carb one's I used)
  • 32 Small Homemade "Tortillas" (see link above for recipe)



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.


In a blender, combine the tomato sauce, tomato paste, parsley, onion, garlic, and spices. Blend until everything is well mixed.


Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl with the meat. Mix thoroughly by hand until everything is combined. The mixture should be a similar thickness to tomato paste. If it is really thick then you may need to add a little water and mix it in. Try adding a tablespoon at a time until it's the consistency you want.


Place parchment paper or silpat mat onto a baking sheet.


Depending on the size of your flat breads/ tortillas, lay out a few onto the baking sheet.


Take a few spoonfuls of meat (around 2 tablespoons for larger flat breads or 1 tablespoon for smaller flat breads) and spread the meat thinly onto the flat bread. Use your fingers to pat the meat out so that it cooks evenly.


Bake for 15-20 minutes. You want the meat to be cooked but not dried out.


Move the cooked lahmajun's onto a clean towel to keep warm or set aside to cool.


Serve warm. Refrigerate or freeze extras. Reheat in the microwave.


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