Low Carb Cooking 101

Learning to cook low carb or keto is not just about knowing how to maintain this lifestyle, but to thrive on it. Learn more about my journey as a culinary educator and finding myself through low carb cooking and let me help you too!

My name is Lauren and I have struggled since I was a child to manage and maintain my weight. Over eating, under eating, weight gain, weight loss, and the constant fluctuation over the last 30 + years of my life has truly been draining.

I honestly feel exhausted by the mental narrative I tell myself, the constant back and forth, and the inability to find a comfortable and stable space to both enjoy the foods I love and be comfortable in the skin I’m in.

Can you relate?

As I continue work and find growth for both my mental and physical health journey, I’ve also used my background in culinary arts education to create this space on the internet to not only share my own experiences and understanding, but to help create and guide others to find recipes that fit their lifestyle at any given time (low carb/keto or not).

While diet culture and psychology around food are obviously really complicated, I want you to know that this is first and foremost a safe space for you to connect with not only me, but others who feel the same way you do. I also want you to know that I deeply believe that your value is in who you are, but it’s ok to want to take time to be healthy and improve yourself too.

Lauren Nagel - Low Carb Keto Chef

There are so many reasons in life why we struggle with weight gain and weight fluctuation.

Things like:

  • Medical issues and hormonal imbalance (you can read more about my struggles with PCOS here).
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Pregnancy/Motherhood
  • Literally living through all of 2020

Cooking Low Carb 101 won’t give you everything you need to know entirely about first starting keto and lower carb diet (while I have certifications in culinary arts and nutrition education, I am not a doctor or licensed dietician). In fact, if you’re just starting a keto diet, check out this FAQ page for all the keto and low carb basics. I will however, share a LOT of my knowledge and all of my love for cooking, creating, entertaining, and enjoying food with you.

Doesn’t that sound so fun!?

So, if you love to cook and you enjoy food but you want to find a way to make healthy yet comforting recipes, then join me here in this space and I’ll guide you through it “culinary teacher style”.

I’ll share things like my secrets for making an incredible Keto Chicago Deep Dish Pizza to learning how to make my authentic melt in your mouth low carb coconut flour cinnamon rolls. We can even have fun together enjoying my monthly low carb cocktail club over on the Bon Appeteach Book Club page (we never read the books, I just make cocktails named after them).

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  • Understanding keto baking, tips, and techniques (for my fellow bakers out there)
  • All the delicious keto pastries (muffins, scones, biscotti, cakes and more)
  • The best low carb cocktails and appetizer pairings for you stay at home happy hours
Low Carb Cooking 101 Recipes

My goal with Cooking Low Carb 101 is simply to create a curated list of ideas in a simple way to guide you through the over 400 tested recipes here on Bonappeteach.com, while also creating a space for all of us to be comfortable in our own skin, focus on our mental and physical health, and have a blast cooking!

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