The Winifred Sanderson (Last Word) Cocktail

The perfect gin based cocktail inspired by the head witch in charge (Winifred Sanderson) herself!

This cocktails is a classic "Last Word" drink. It's equal parts of all ingredients and is super easy to remember. 

The unique liqueur this cocktail uses is called Green Chartreuse. It adds a nice, citrus and herby flavor to this drink. It also adds a nice green hue as well. 

Pick your favorite dry gin to pair with the green chartreuse, and a cherry liqueur. I like to use Luxardo liqueur for this drink. Lastly, you need fresh lime juice as well. 

To a cocktail shaker add one ounce each of the - Dry gin, green chartreuse, the Luxardo Liqueur and the lime juice. Shake for 7-10 seconds until it's chilled. 

Traditionally this is served up straight in a coupe glass or Nick and Nora glass. For effect however, I served it in a festive rocks glass. 

I added the traditional Luxardo maraschino cherry for garnish but also decided to light some high proof alcohol on fire inside a hallowed out lime for effect. 

Honor our favorite head witch in charge by mixing up this delicious and festive cocktail for the season. Full recipe details and more linked below.