Smoked Turkey Breast 

Learn to make a truly delicious juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, smoked turkey!

Here is a shorter outline of how you can take your holiday bird cook up a few notches! If you need a more in-depth tutorial, please read more via the link below. 

Recommended Cooking Tools: – Foil Pan or Roasting Pan – Roasting Rack Meat Injector – Knife and Cutting Board – Kitchen Scissors – Gloves Meat Thermometer

After cooking turkeys for several years, the best way to add the most flavor but still have a perfect texture is through injecting the marinade.

I made a Cajun butter marinade injection using chicken stock, butter, Cajun seasoning, and fresh lemon juice. You could also do a wet brine (but the injection is the best). 

Combine everything together into a pot over low heat and then let it cool to a luke-warm temperature before injecting into the bird.

You will need to use an injection kit for best results. These are super easy to use and very affordable (see link below). Add the marinade to the injector. 

I like to inject into each side of the turkey breast. Start by going lower into the breast meat and inject a few teaspoons, repeat this!

Cover in more Cajun dry rub and place in your fridge to rest (uncovered) for 24-48 hours for best results. 

I recommend cooking this on indirect at 425 F. This is a hot and fast method that helps cook and render the skin but still keeps the inside super juicy!

Once your bird hits 165 F. internally, you let it rest for 10-15 (uncovered) before slicing so the juices can rest. 

Remove the breast from the breast bone. Then slice 1/2 inch pieces on a bias so you can serve it easier off a platter. 

Serve with Cajun butter sauce over the top or with your favorite cranberry sauce as well. Grab more tips and techniques to help you have a foolproof cook via the link below.