Bagel lover? Make your own homemade everything bagel chips with this simple recipe and tutorial and use them for snacking, dips, and charcuterie boards.

I used everything bagels for this recipe, but it does work with any bagel type. It's a great way to used up bagels that are beginning to get stale too. 

I prefer adding additional everything bagel seasoning to the chips. You can make your own or buy the store bought blend as well. 

Slicing the bagels is simple, but here are a few tips I prefer for getting equal-sized "chips" for this recipe. Start by slicing each bagel in half.

Then slice on a slight angle each individual bagel chip piece. Keep the slices about 1/4 inch thickness for even cooking. 

Place all the sliced bagel pieces into a bowl. Toss with equal parts olive oil and melted butter. Both combined work best for texture and browning. 

You can add additional everything bagel seasoning to the bowl at this point as well to increase the flavor. I also sometimes love a little truffle oil mixed in for something extra!

Brown the chips on each side in a frying pan over medium heat until golden brown and lightly crispy. Do this in batches until all the chips are cooked!

Serve these bagel chips with dips, charcuterie, or smoked salmon. They're also great to snack on alone too! 

Get more info via the link below or by going to BONAPPETEACH.COM  for additional details and more easy recipes.