Chipotle Pumpkin Turkey Chili

A delicious savory pumpkin chili made with smoky chipotle peppers, and seasoned ground turkey for the perfect fall meal.

Cooking Tools Needed: – Large Pot (I love this go-to 6 qt. for my chili) – Knife & Cutting Board – Small Bullet Blender or Immersion Blender (optional but helpful) – Wooden Spoon/ Spatula

This recipe makes great use of any leftover pumpkin puree! The addition of smoky chipotle peppers helps add a savory and smoky balance to the chili. 

I love to mix up my own chili spices for this recipe but you can also use a pre-packaged chili seasoning for a simpler approach if needed. 

Use ground turkey for the base of your chili. I also add some bacon for added fat and flavor but you can omit. You can also swap ground chicken if desired. 

Start by browning the bacon and veggies into the pot. Then add the ground turkey and allow it to cook and brown with the seasonings. Mix in the pumpkin and chipotle peppers.

Add in your canned tomatoes and tomato sauce for the base of the chili. Mix everything together and let it cook on low and simmer. 

The chili is ready when it's cooked through, but the flavors are best after it cooking on low for a few hours. Serve with delicious cheese, sour cream, and extra crispy bacon.

I also love this chili with some warm cornbread or my keto pumpkin cornbread recipe. Grab all the recipe details for this chili and more via the link below. 

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