Air Fried Salmon

Make cooking salmon in an air fryer a breeze with this simple step by step recipe! It’s the key to perfectly cooked crispy skin and delicious juicy salmon.

Here's What You Need: – Knife and Cutting Board – Paper Towels – Plate or Small Baking Sheet – Air Fryer  – Spatula – Good food thermometer

What is the best salmon to cook with?

There are a handful of different types of salmon out there, but ultimately you should buy what fits your budget, palate, and dietary needs.

Prepare your salmon fillets- Remove any scales, pat the fish dry, and remove the pin bones. Try and find fillets in the same size for even cooking.

PRO TIP: Leave the skin exposed in the open air of your fridge overnight before air frying. This helps get it crispier!

Lightly oil all sides of your fish. Spray your air fryer basket with non stick spray so the fish won't stick.  Cook at 400 F. 

Cooking times may vary based on how thick your salmon is. According to the USDA you should cook salmon to 145 F. This can take 8-12 min.

Try serving your salmon up with this super easy and delicious Lemon Dill Garlic Sauce. It goes great with fish and veggies too. 

Get the full recipe below with more helpful cooking tips, techniques, and ways to serve this recipe! Enjoy!

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