A holiday friendly cocktail featuring pisco brandy, fresh cranberry juice and syrup, topped with a classic egg white foam.

For this recipe you will need to make your own cranberry simple syrup (for best results). But regular simple can be used if desired. 

Additionally, you need to use REAL cranberry juice with no additives for the best flavor as well. Many stores will carry concentrated varieties. 

You will serve this cocktail in a coupe glass or a martini style glass, but a rocks glass works as well if desired. 

This cocktail (like many) uses a raw egg white to create a silky foam. This is an essential part of the drink, but you can use a pasteurized egg if needed.

Combine in your cocktail shaker the juice, syrup, pisco brandy, and the egg white. Shake without ice to create a foam, then with ice to chill.

Double strain the mixture into a coupe glass and top with angostura bitters for an aromatic touch. You only need a few dashes for this.

Garnish with sugar coated cranberries on a skewer or cocktail pick and serve over the rim of your glass for a festive feel!

Grab the full recipe for this delicious holiday cocktail below and read through for additional recipe substitutions. Cheers!