Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Turn off the oven and fire up your grill to make these addictive, loaded sweet potatoes on your smoker. A simple way to switch up this classic comfort food side dish!

Cooking Tools Needed: Butcher Paper – Fork – Tongs – Oven Mitts – Pairing Knife Meat Thermometer

I made these on a charcoal Kamado style Big Green Egg. You can do this on any grill (pellet grills etc.).

Choose sweet potatoes that are similar in size, shape, and thickness. This helps with having even cooking cooking times so everything finishes similarly. 

Start by washing and scrubbing each of your potatoes. Pat them dry and use a fork to poke a few holes into the potato

Lightly oil each potato so it's full coated. Choose a BBQ rub or seasoning you prefer to season the skins. Salt, pepper, and paprika works well too!

Roll each sweet potato into butcher paper. Make sure it's just one single layer, tightly rolled around each potato.

The butcher paper helps speed up the cooking process of the potato, while still allowing the smoke flavor to penetrate through. Do not swap with foil!

Get your sweet potatoes out onto the grill over indirect heat. Use a wood flavor that you prefer (but avoid anything really strong). 

After about 45-60 minutes, unwrap the potatoes from the paper to finish cooking and slightly crisp up the outside. Use a thermometer to check for tenderness.

Once the potatoes are tender, you can remove them from the grill and let them rest 10 minutes. Slice into the potato and fluff with a fork.

Serve with just a little butter or with my favorite combo of marshmallows, pork belly, and pecans. Grab all the recipe details below via the link!