Create deliciously shredded smoked pulled beef on any style smoker or charcoal grill with this easy to follow tutorial.

Smoked pulled beef is delicious served as is with your favorite BBQ sides or used countless other recipes like enchiladas, tacos, sliders, and more!

Start with a 3-4 lb. chuck roast. Trim off any silver skin or large pieces of fat from the sides. Leave the rest of the marbling fat intact. 

Preheat the smoker to 250 F. Mix up your own dry rub blend with salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika. Use your favorite store bought rub too if you prefer.

Place the binder onto the chuck roast. I prefer to use mustard but you can use olive oil too. Rub a thin layer on all sides of the roast. 

After you ad a binder, add the rub! Lightly coat the meat on the top, bottom, and sides and pat it on so it adheres to the meat. 

Place the chuck roast onto the smoker over indirect heat. Let it smoke for an hour or so before spraying the outside with beef broth. 

Continue to spray the chuck roast every hour to help build the outside bark. Once the chuck roast hits 165-170 F. you can wrap it in foil.  

Keep the wrap simple! I like to use a little beef broth and some pads of butter. Slice some pads and place them over and under the chuck roast.

Wrap the meat tightly in the foil and place it back on the smoker. If you want the bark to stay tight, you can keep the top exposed and not wrapped.

Pull the meat when it reaches an internal temperature of 195-203 F. It should feel tender like softened butter when you insert a thermometer probe.

Let the meat rest for at least an hour before shredding. Shred by hand to remove any unwanted fat pieces. 

Turn your smoked pulled beef into countless other dishes to serve and enjoy. More in depth details via the link below.