Move over beef brisket, there’s a new cut in town! If you’re interested in learning how to smoke a pork brisket, you’re in the right place. This is the ultimate guide to smoking this cut of pork.

What is a pork brisket?  Pork brisket refers to a specific section of meat from the bottom half of the shoulder or pectoral muscle of the pig.

I purchased this cut from Porter Road or you can check with your local butcher. These are smaller cuts, mine was less than 2 lbs. but it was worth it!

Keep it simple with this cook! I used a mustard binder and a standard SPG (salt pepper garlic powder) rub on all sides of the pork brisket. 

Keep the smoke rolling low and slow to really build a nice bark (fat cap side down). Temp was 225 F. and I spray the pork brisket every hour. 

After about 3.5 hours or so I wrapped the pork brisket in butcher paper when the internal temperature was around 170 F. Place back onto the smoker until around 195 F. 

When the pork brisket is probe tender, remove and keep it wrapped. I cannot stress enough letting this rest for at least 1 hour if not longer (I love at least 2 if I can wait). 

After resting, slice the meat down the middle into thin strips, similar to traditional brisket. This cut is a mixture of pork belly and pork shoulder. The texture is an 11/10!

Want more information about cooking a pork brisket? View the link below for a full in depth article and recipe. 

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