Fire up the grill and smoke infuse the perfect pepper jelly and cream cheese appetizer recipe to share with your friends and family.

Cooking Tools Needed: – Small Cast Iron Skillet – Paring Knife – Spoon If you don't have a cast iron, you can use a foil pan or cedar plank too. 

This recipe is truly simple and really just required a block of cream cheese (make sure its cold), your favorite BBQ rub, and pepper jelly.

Place your cold block of cream cheese into the skillet. Use a paring knife to make a cross hatch pattern over the top.

Cover the cream cheese block with my all purpose BBQ rub on all sides, the bottom, and the top too. 

Place your cream cheese onto your grill and smoke on indirect heat. Use a fruit wood if you're paring with pepper jelly.

You want to cook your cream cheese block until it is heated through, puffs up a bit and lightly browns.

Place the cream cheese down on a heat safe platter. Add crackers and toasted slices bread or veggies to serve with the cream cheese

Add pepper jelly over the top of your smoked cream cheese. I garnished mine with pickled jalapenos and some bacon too. 

Grab the full recipe details below and find more tips for serving, smoking, and other recipes for delicious smoked cheese!

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