Learn the best culinary techniques and tips for making crispy skin smoked chicken wings on an electric smoker.

Remove as much moisture from the packaged wings as possible. Pat them dry with paper towels to start.

A trick in the BBQ world to help get extra crispy skin on wings is to use baking powder or cornstarch as well. Add it to your dry rub and coat the wings. 

It's best to allow the wings to rest like this uncovered a minimum of 2 hours prior to smoking. I prefer to even do this the day before for best results in both flavor and texture. 

Alternatively you can marinade with other flavors using a wet brine as well. Just allow for additional drying time prior to smoking if you can!

This smoking process will involve two different temperatures. The first to allow smoke to adhere to the wings and the second to render the fat and get the skin crispy.

Smoke at a low temperature of 225 F. until the wings are around 150 F. internally. Then increase the heat to 425 F. until they hit a temperature of 175-180 F.

Wings are dark meat! While chicken is safe to eat after 165 F. the tendons and connective tissue in the wings are best texture wise when they hit around 180 F. 

If you plan on saucing your wings, always do so right before serving. Make sure the sauce is hot or room temperature. 

If you plan on saucing while on the grill, do so the last 5-10 minutes to allow the glaze to get tacky but not caramelize. 

Serve your wings with your favorite sauces or dressing and a side of veggies! Grab the full details via the link below. 

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