Wow everyone at your next family breakfast or brunch with this smoked breakfast sausage BBQ fatty recipe. 

What is a breakfast fatty? In the world of BBQ it's essentially a bacon weave layered with breakfast sausage, eggs, and other items like potatoes and cheese.

These are fairly easy to prepare and can be made either sweet (cinnamon roll stuffed) or savory (with eggs, cheese, etc).

You will need 12 pieces of thinly sliced bacon to build your bacon weave. Build it over parchment paper for the best results. 

The bacon weave is made just like you would create the top lattice of a pie crust. The link below shows exact steps!

To create your sausage layer, use 1 lb. of ground breakfast sausage rolled evenly into a large plastic bag to get the perfect shape.

Cut the sides of the bag and flip the sausage layer over your bacon weave and peel of the remaining bag to get a perfect layer.

For the savory version, add cooked scrambled eggs, cheese, and tater tots spread out  across the sausage. Leave a small edge uncovered. 

For the sweeter version, add cooked cinnamon rolls and the icing parallel with the edge you plan to roll.

Carefully, using the parchment paper, roll your breakfast fatty up into a log. Tuck the sides in and season with a BBQ rub.

Place the BBQ fatty onto the smoker and smoke low and slow until the internal temperature hits 165 F. 

The bacon fat should render, turn a nice golden brown and can be glazed with maple syrup or BBQ sauce if you prefer.

Remove them from your smoker and let them rest for 10 minutes or so. This makes it easier to slice (the bacon firms up) into 1 inch rounds.

Slice into rounds and serve! These will wow your friends and family and will definitely be a nice treat for breakfast and brunch!

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