Learn everything you need to know about smoking beef ribs (aka Dino ribs) for a showstopping cook you can throw down on any grill. 

For this cook, you want beef plate ribs or beef chuck ribs. Most come pre packaged with 3-4 bones attached. 

You can trim and prep this cut of beef similarly to that of a brisket. If you want simple salt, pepper, garlic rib you can choose that too. I used my all purpose BBQ rub. 

Lightly add a binder (like mustard) to the outside of the beef ribs. Coat the beef ribs on all sides with BBQ seasoning or rub of choice. 

Smoked the beef ribs low and slow on your charcoal or pellet smoker. Shoot for a steady temperature between 225-250 F. 

After 2-3 hours, you can spray or baste the outside of the beef ribs to build the bark. This helps keep it moist and adhere nicely. 

When your beef ribs hit the stall portion of the cook, you should wrap them in butcher paper to help speed up the cooking process. Add beef tallow to the paper and the beef ribs. 

When the beef ribs hit an internal temperature between 195-203 F. they are done. Use a thermometer probe to check for tenderness. Pull the beef ribs and rest them. 

Baste with beef tallow before serving if desired. Slice the bones apart and serve the beef ribs with your favorites BBQ sides and enjoy. Get the full recipe linked below. 

Lauren Nagel is culinary instructor and the creator of BONAPPETEACH.COM. She specializes in grilling and BBQ. Find more recipes like this below and follow along!