Bring the Brazilian steakhouse to your own backyard and learn how to master the art of this reverse seared and smoked picanha recipe.

Picanha is a lean cut of meat from the top sirloin area on the cow. It has a large fat cap over the top, which makes it great for adding flavor to the meat. 

Planning ahead by salting your picanha steak prior to cooking for at least 2 hours (or overnight) allows for a juicier end result. 

Leave the fat cap intact for this cook, but you can score it in a cross hatch pattern to allow the salt to penetrate over the top of the meat and for the fat to get crispier.

To reverse sear this large beef cut, you want to set your grill up for two zone cooking. One side cool, one side direct heat.

Place the picanha onto the indirect side, insert a thermometer into the thickest part, and let it smoke low and slow at 225 F.

It should reach an internal temperature of around 110 - 115 F. Remove it and let it rest before the sear (do not skip this). 

Bring your gill up to a temperature over 500 F while the picanha rests. Then sear the fat cap side down first, 90 seconds per side. 

Cook to your level of preferred doneness. I usually pull mine around 125 F. It will have some carry over cooking and hit closer to 130 F. before serving. 

The picanha fat cap should have a nice beautiful crust. Finish the picanha steak off with some black pepper and fresh chimichurri.

Cut against the grain and serve thicker, 1 inch slices of meat for yourself and your guests. It's an incredible meal to share!

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