Learn all the tips and techniques on how to cook the best brisket on an electric smoker using this ultimate guide.

I'm a huge advocate for smoking and grilling on whatever type of grill you prefer. I did write this recipe with pellet smoking in mind (but this can be used on any smoker). 

Start with a full packer brisket between 14-16 lbs. You can also choose to make this with just the point or flat if you prefer. 

Trimming the brisket is important. More details are linked - BUT be sure to remove any silver skin and keep the fat cap about 1/4-1/2 inch thick across the top.

Make your dry rub- For a classic rub you can go with salt and black pepper. I also add garlic powder for the standard S.P.G. rub. Feel free to use your favorite BBQ rub if preferred. 

Smoke your brisket between 225F - 250 F. (I like 225 F.). Place it on your smoker, fat cap side up. Let the bark set and spray it with beef stock every hour or so.

Use a foil pan or bread pan and fill it with water. Place it under your brisket on the grill to make the smoker moist and steamy. This can help prevent it from drying out some!

Smoked your brisket until it hits the stall. Usually this is somewhere between 155-165 F. Be sure to use a probe thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

Once it hits the stall, you can wrap it in butcher paper (tightly) to help get it through this slow down in the cooking process. 

Your brisket is done when it's tender (test it with a probe) and hits between a final temperature of 203-206 F. on average. Remove it from the smoker and let it rest in a cooler for 1-2 hours.

After you've let it rest, you can open and remove it from the butcher paper for slicing. The bark should be intact and the brisket should be juicy!

Your brisket should be sliced in two different ways (the flat vs. the point). The point will have that thicker layer of fat between it and the flat will be on the leaner side. 

Serve your brisket up as is with your favorite BBQ sides and enjoy!  A good rule of thumb is to prepare 1/2 lb. or brisket per person. A 16 lb. brisket could feed over 30+ people!

Find the brisket recipe fully linked below! Want more recipes you can make on your smoker? Check out BONAPPETEACH.COM for more details!