If you find yourself with leftover ham, you need to make this simple recipe for classic old-fashioned ham salad. A great way to enjoy a family favorite recipe for a quick and easy meal.

 I grew up eating this dish whenever we had leftover holiday ham. You can also buy a ham steak as well from the store to make this recipe.

Start by separating your slices of ham and trim off any large pieces of fat. Roughly chop the ham up so it will fit in a food processor.

While the ham is the main ingredient, you will also need sweet pickle relish, a little Dijon mustard and mayo. Sub with chopped dill pickles and an avocado mayo to make this sugar free.

Place the roughly chopped ham pieces into a food processor. I prefer to pulse the processor until it's all finely chopped and even in size. You can chop by hand (but that's a lot of work). 

In a bowl, combine the ham, mayo, pickle relish, and Dijon mustard. Mix until it comes together. If you find it's too dry, add a little more mayo until it no longer is. 

This recipe is great with crackers, over lettuce, or on bread and croissants. Serve it for a brunch or special luncheon.  I love to eat this for an easy and quick meal whenever I have leftover ham!

This salad lasts for up to 7 days after your ham was originally cooked (not from when the salad was first made). Full recipe details are via the link below!