These easy to bake, sweet potato pie bars are perfect for the holiday season, even if you’re following a low carb diet! They feature a sugar free, gluten free, almond flour crust.


These are great alternative to classic pumpkin pie. If you're looking for a lower sugar and gluten free option you need to try these out!

Cooking Tools Needed: – 9×9 Inch Pan – Large Pot – Knife & Cutting Board – 2 Mixing Bowls – Measuring Cups/Spoons – Rubber Spatula

This recipe uses my almond flour style "graham cracker" crust as the base. Toast your almond flour and mix in the low carb sweetener and butter.

Press the crust mixture into the 9x9 inch pan and par-bake it so it sets. Let it cool a bit before adding your filling. 

Start with your sweet potatoes to prep your filling. Slice them in half (skin on) and boil until soft. 

Once the potatoes are soft, the skins will slip off. Place the sweet potato into a bowl and mash it up a bit. 

Whisk up the sweet potato pie bar filling while the crust bakes. You can use any sugar or low carb sweetener here ( I prefer allulose). 

Make the pecan crumble topping (this is optional, but also it's worth it). Set it aside to sprinkle on the filling.

Pour the prepared sweet potato filling over the par-baked gluten free crust. Spread it out evenly across the top with a spatula. 

Sprinkle on the prepared pecan crumble. Press large pecans across the top for extra pretty design and overall effect if desired. Bake until the sweet potato filling is set. 

Let them cool fully and slice into 16 total bars. I top mine with a dollop of whipped cream too. Store in the fridge until you're ready to serve.

Grab all the recipe details via the link to get more information regarding nutritional info and ingredients etc.