Try this delicious take on a classic bisque by using Trader Joe’s langostino tails for a quick and easy, yet decadent soup recipe.

Langostino tails are technically in the shrimp family, but have a similar taste and texture to traditional lobster. This makes them a great substitute for a classic lobster bisque.

Start by prepping all your ingredients. You can use fresh, frozen, or precooked langostino tails for this soup. Mine were precooked from Trader Joe's.

To a large pot, add your mirepoix (carrots, onion, and celery). Cook for about 5 minutes or until tender. 

Next, you can add in the seasonings (I used a Cajun spice blend or swap with Old Bay). Also mix in the flour and the tomato paste. 

To make the base of your soup you want to add some dry white wine and let it cook down briefly. Then add a fish stock (or vegetable stock but fish stock has more flavor). 

Next, you want to immersion blend (or use a traditional blender) to mix all the veggies fully into the stock. Then add heavy cream. 

To a small pan, add some butter. Let it melt fully and you can add in some fresh garlic here if you prefer. 

I just warmed my precooked Langostino tails in the butter (don't want to overcook them). If yours are raw, fully cook them now. 

Add all your cooked langostino tails to your bisque and stir to combine off the heat. You do not want to overcook the Langostino!

Serve your bisque up with some crispy buttery toasted bread or crackers!  Enjoy this soup and grab the full recipe linked below.