Learn how to make a delicious and easy keto graham cracker style crust with this step by step recipe.


This crust recipe is keto and gluten free friendly (using almond flour instead of traditional graham crackers). It's a great sub for a traditional crust!

For this recipe you need: Fine almond flour, melted butter, salt, vanilla (or almond) extract, cinnamon (optional) and allulose to sweeten.

I prefer to lightly toast the almond flour before using it in the crust. This adds more depth of flavor than if you leave it raw/ blanched. 

While you can use any low carb sweetener to sweeten your crust, allulose is my number one choice for flavor and best for baking purposes.

After toasting your almond flour, combine the low carb sweetener (allulose) salt, and cinnamon into a mixing bowl and set it aside. 

Once the dry ingredients are mixed and combined, pour in the melted butter and mix it until it's fully coated. 

The mixture should look a little like "wet sand". It should be crumbly but damp enough for it to be packed like a traditional crust would be.

Choose a pan for your recipe. This works in pie plates, 9x13 inch pans, 9x9 square pans, and springform pans too (for cheesecake as an example). 

Firmly press the damp crust mixture into your chosen pan. I like to use a spatula or bottom of a measuring cup for the mixture to be firmly pushed down. 

Par bake or fully bake the crust for all your favorite desserts like pies, tarts, cheesecake, and more! 

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