Learn how to smoke a tomahawk steak using the reverse sear method. The perfect way to smoke and grill a thick cut bone-in ribeye steak for a truly unforgettable dinner.

For a larger cut of beef, it's important to plan ahead when seasoning! I HIGHLY suggest dry brining with kosher salt 24 hours in advance. 

What is dry brining? It's the process of adding salt to the steak. As it sits on the surface it draws out the moisture, dissolves the salt, and allows it to reabsorb into the meat. 

Smoking a large tomahawk steak involves the "reverse sear" process. I go into further detail in the article, but start by smoking it on a low temp between 225-250 F.

Use a good thermometer to track the centers internal temp. Pull the steak off the smoker when it hits around 110-115 F. Let it rest. 

Some pellet smokers have a sear setting. If you use a weber or something like a Big Green Egg, set it for two-zone cooking to easily switch to a sear. 

Sear each side of the steak on a very hot grill. Be careful of flare up's from the fat cap. Pull when you hit your preferred level of doneness (I like 125 F and let rest).

Rest the steak with some butter, tented with foil. Shoot for about 10 minutes before slicing. Remove the bone before slicing. 

This steak is meant to serve more than one person. I prefer serving it family-style in slices. Always slice the meat against the grain too!

Lauren is an expert griller and has worked for brands like Lynx Grills, Primo, and Big Green Egg. Get more grill recipes and tips via the link below.