How To Grill Crispy Chicken Wings



"Grilled wings are so flavorful and easy! Check out this guide to making a healthier, crispy wing for game day and beyond with these tips and techniques!"

Remove moisture! Pat the chicken dry  and dust in seasonings and Baking Powder to help dry the skin too.

How do you get chicken skin crispy on the grill?

Indirect Heat Method:  Roughly 30-45 minutes on an elevated rack. Direct Heat Method: 6-10 minutes, flip continuously. 

How long does it take to grill chicken wings?

Both methods work well with a medium temperature of around 450 F.

What temperature should grilled chicken wings be cooked at?

All chicken is safe after it reaches an internal temp of 165 F. Wings actually taste better however around  180-190 F.

What temperature should cook wings to?

I sauce right before serving or serve it on the side to prevent the skin from getting soggy.

What's the best way to sauce wings?

Grab the complete, detailed guide via the link to get all the details on grilling up a crispy, healthier, and flavor packed chicken wing!