Homemade Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

A smoky, savory, and slightly sweet homemade barbecue sauce recipe that pairs perfectly with chicken, pulled pork, ribs and more!

Cooking Tools Recommended for this recipe: – Small Saucepan or Pot – Whisk – Measuring cups and Spoons – Glass Jar (for storage)

This recipe uses smoked chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Chipotle peppers are essentially jalapenos that have been dried and smoked. 

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I also prefer to use organic and unsweetened ketchup. You can use traditional ketchup if desired for a more classic BBQ sauce flavor.

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Gather all of your recipe ingredients and a pot to prepare the sauce for the cooking process. Having everything ready helps!

Sauté the onions and spices together over low heat. Add your ketchup and peppers to the mixture. Then whisk in your sweeteners (honey and brown sugar), vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. 

For a smoother and less spicy sauce, I like to use a strainer to remove the seeds and pieces of adobo peppers. You can leave them in, but it tends to be much spicier. 

Test taste for sweetness and adjust as desired. Place in a jar and store for up to 1 week in your fridge. 

Use on smoked chicken, delicious ribs, or any other recipe you prefer when incorporating BBQ sauce. Full recipe details linked below. Enjoy!