Check out this savory twist on traditional bratwurst! Smoke the sausage into thick juicy patties and pile it high with beer cheese, sauerkraut and more!

Start with a standard package of bratwurst. If 5 come in the pack, you can divide it and add it to each of the other bratwursts. 

Next, form the patties. Simply remove the casing from each bratwurst and roll it into a ball shape so they are all even in size. 

Form each ball into a burger like patty. You can leave them as is or add some additional BBQ seasoning (I used an SPG rub) to the top. 

Smoked low and slow! These do not need a lot of time, so keep your smoker set to 215-225 F. to get enough smoke flavor into each patty. 

You can periodically spritz with beer if desired or let them cook until 165F. Additionally, you can pull them earlier and sear them off for a crust if preferred. 

While your brats smoke, cook down some onions in some beer and butter and set them aside for adding to your grilled brat burgers. 

You can also make other toppings like a spicy mustard sauce or my smoked beer cheese sauce (pictured here) to go on top. 

Once your brat burgers are cooked, set them aside to rest. Toast up a pretzel bun for the burgers (or other bun of choice).

Add your favorite toppings as desired and enjoy! Get more grill recipes like this over at!