Fudgy Keto Skillet Brownies

The perfect fudgy keto brownies made with almond flour! This recipe comes together in just 30 minutes.

Cooking Tools Needed: -Cast Iron Skillet - Whisk -Measuring cups and spoons  (This whole recipe can be made right in your skillet, no bowls needed)

I used almond flour for the base of my brownies and allulose for the preferred sweetener. Allulose browns like real sugar but is 1/3 as sweet. So add more sweetener if you prefer.

Dutch processed cocoa powder is the recommended type for this recipe. It's made to be more alkaline and is smooth, rich, and makes the brownies taste incredible.  

Start by melting the butter in the skillet on low heat. Once melted, move your skillet off the heat and continue to mix in your ingredients as needed. 

To your melted butter, add your preferred sweetener (I prefer allulose here) and the ditch processed cocoa powder. 

Whisk this mixture together until smooth. Add three pre-beaten eggs and continue to mix it into the batter and add the vanilla extract. 

Finally, whisk in the dry ingredients. Add the almond flour, salt, and xanthan gum. The batter will thicken slightly but is similar to traditional brownie batter. 

I add my favorite low carb chocolate chips (or use dark chocolate). I think this adds a little texture and more sweetness to the keto brownies. 

Bake for 18 minutes and check the center. The center should set but still be somewhat undercooked. The pan will continue to cook the brownie so DO NOT OVER BAKE!

Top with your favorite keto ice cream or keto caramel sauce. Grab the full recipe linked below and enjoy!

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