A delicious apple cider champagne cocktail. An ideal fall or Thanksgiving mimosa recipe to share with family and friends.

This recipe is super easy to make but does require a little pre-planning by freezing the apple cider. Give yourself 12-24 hours to do this. 

Making the cider ice cubes is simple. Use an ice cube mold and carefully pour the cider into each space. Place in the freezer until solid. 

To make the frozen apple cider base, blend the apple cider cubes, regular cider, some maple syrup, and a little apple brandy together in a blender. 

The texture should be slushy like and not too thick. If you need to thin it out a bit more add a splash or two more of cider. Be careful to not add too much.

Next, prep the champagne glasses to build your apple cider mimosa in. Mix cinnamon sugar together and lightly wet the rim and dip each glass in the cinnamon mixture. 

Pour 2-3 oz. of prosecco or dry champagne into the glass then top off with the the frozen apple cider mixture. Garnish with mint.

Store any unused frozen apple cider mixture in the fridge to keep it cool. You can make extra cider cubes as well to blend in as needed. 

Full recipe instructions and ingredients can all be found over at BONAPPETEACH.COM or by clicking the recipe link below!