Easy Apple Cider Brine Recipe

If you want to make the juiciest roast turkey, chicken, or pork then check out this easy apple cider beer brine recipe.

Wet brining is a method used for lean cuts of meat like pork and poultry. It’s a sugar/salt/ liquid solution used to make meat juicer.

What is a brine and what is it used for?

– Large Pot – Whisk – Measuring Cups and Spoons – Brining Bag or Large Dish/ Container – Paper Towels

Cooking Tools Needed:

Gather your brine ingredients of apple cider, beer (optional), water, spices, salt, and fresh herbs. 

Use a large pot to make your wet brine in. Start by adding your favorite BBQ seasoning, peppercorns, and the salt. You can also add additional sugar, but the apple cider already is sweet so I omit. 

Next, add your liquids. Apple cider (I used my smoked cider), a festive Octoberfest style lager, and the water. Then add the fresh herbs. 

Bring the full mixture to a rolling boil. Remove it from the heat and allow it to fully cool to room temperature before using as a wet brine.

Fully submerge your protein into the brine mixture and place it covered, into the fridge. Let it brine for 24 hours (or longer when cooking a larger protein like a turkey).

This is a great way to make a show stopping cooked chicken, holiday turkey, or delicious pork roast this fall. Grab all the recipe details via the link below!