Take your holiday ham recipe to the next level by smoking it on your grill! It's a show stopping way to enjoy this classic  meal. 

I smoked my ham on my Big Green Egg charcoal grill. This recipe works on any style of grill (both charcoal and pellet grills). 

This recipe works with bone in hams and spiral cut hams as well. Spiral hams are easier for slicing, but a bone-in ham tends to stay juicier. 

Remove the ham from the packaging and remove any moisture. Coat it in a mustard binder (this should be a light layer). 

Add some extra flavor by coating your ham in a BBQ rub. This imparts SO MUCH flavor into the ham. Use whatever rub you like best, or make your own!

Place your ham on a cooling rack. Preheat the grill to 250 F. and set it for indirect heat. The rack makes it easier to take on and off the grill.

Plan about 20-25 minutes per pound for smoking. After about an hour, spray the outside of the ham with orange juice or apple juice to encourage the smoke to adhere and the bark to stay moist. 

Glaze the ham with my Apricot BBQ Sauce. I like to glaze 2 times, 15 minutes apart for the last 30 min. 

Your ham is done when it hits an internal temperature of 145 F. You can remove it from the grill and let it rest 10-15 minutes before slicing. 

Grab the full recipe and additional smoking tips and techniques by clicking the link below! Find more recipes like this over at BONAPPETEACH.COM.