Crispy Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes

Learn how to make the crispiest, roasted potatoes in your oven. An addictive side dish, everyone loves!

Here's What You Will Need: – Large Pot – Knife and Cutting Board – Colander or Strainer – Large Roasting Pan or Baking Sheet – Spatula

What potatoes are best for roasting? You want potatoes with a medium starch level, this is how they get crispy. Use Yukon gold, russets, or red potatoes for this. 

Decide if you want the skin on or off (this works either way). Dice your potatoes into equal size pieces for even cooking. Place in a pot.

This recipe takes a two step cooking process. This is crucial for CRISPY potatoes! Par-boil for about 10 minutes to start. 

After you boil, shake the potatoes out fairly aggressively in a colander. This roughs up the edges and allows them to get crispier in the oven.

Next, melt some butter in a pan (or in a microwave). Add oil as well. You want a mixture of both for this recipe to get flavor and crunch.

Toss in the potatoes, add some salt, smoky paprika, and any fresh or dried herbs. I like using garlic powder over fresh garlic here actually as well. 

Roast in the oven on a higher temperature (I like 425 F.) for about 10 minutes. Potatoes should be spread out and not crowd the pan. Flip half way through and bake another 20 minutes. 

Serve these up with your favorite protein (chicken, fish, steak, and even goes so great with eggs for breakfast). Full recipe is linked below!

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