Master the art of Big Green Egg pulled pork with our easy, flavorful recipe. Perfectly smoked pork for BBQ lovers.

Prepare the Boston butt for the smoker. Trim silver skin and ensure the fat cap is no more than 1/4 inches thick for best results. 

Lightly coat the entire pork butt or pork shoulder in a mustard binder. Add a pork rub or BBQ rub of your choice and evenly season it on all sides. 

Place it onto the Big Green Egg at 250 F. Let it smoker for 4-6 hours. Spray every hour to build a bark until it hits 165-170 F internal. 

Once the pork butt hits the stall, you can continue to cook it or wrap it to speed up the process. Place in a foil pan and then wrap tightly in foil. Continue to smoke. 

The pork butt is done when it hits a temperature internally around 195-205 F. Remove and let it rest in a cooler for at least 1-2 hours. 

After the rest, you can shred and pull the pork. Discard the bones and excess connective tissue. Add any juices back over the pork. 

Serve for pulled pork sandwiches with Carolina gold mustard sauce or other favorite sauces if desired. Read more about pulled pork on the Big Green Egg via the link below!

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