BBQ Bacon Wrapped Delicata Squash

"This squash is wrapped in spicy tangy BBQ sauce coated bacon, smoked or baked to perfection for the best squash side dish."

“School” Supplies: – Baking Sheet – Tongs – Pastry Brush – Knife & Cutting Board

Did you know: You can eat the outside skin (once cooked) of a delicata squash! This makes prep that much easier

Prep The Squash: Halve the squash, lengthwise. Remove the seeds and cut into 1 inch thick crescent shaped slices.

Prep The Squash: Cut a piece of bacon in half and wrap it around the squash. Season with your favorite BBQ rub. Place on a elevated wire rack so the bacon fat renders.

Cook The Squash: Bake or smoke the squash until the squash is tender and the bacon is crispy. Sauce the last 10 minutes of cooking and again before serving.

Serving: Serve as a side dish or appetizer alongside extra BBQ sauce as desired.

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