Create classic baked BBQ style crispy chicken wings in the oven. The perfect weeknight meal or game day appetizer to serve.

Let me show you how you can make truly crispy, oven baked wings right at home! Here is what you need to know...

Start by prepping the wings. Pat them dry and remove additional moisture by adding baking powder or cornstarch to your dry rub. 

Combine everything together in a bowl so it's evenly coated. The baking powder needs to sit for at least 2 hours to help dry out the skin.

Prep your pan! Place foil on the bottom (or parchment paper). Cover with a wire rack to elevate the wings to allow for airflow. 

Place the seasoned wings onto the pan and into the fridge for 2-24 hours. Then you're read to bake! While you can skip this step, I do find it is truly worth the time. 

Bake the wings on a higher heat oven to help crisp the skin, render the fat, and allow the wings connective tissues to break down. It should hit a minimum of 165 F. internally. 

Sauce the wings the last 5-10 minutes to prevent the sauce from burning. Coat in a thin layer over the entire wing and bake 2-3 min so it sets and gets tacky. 

I actually prefer to cook my wings to 175-180 F. to create a better texture and mouthfeel. While wings are white meat, the texture is better when it's cooked longer!

Get all the recipe details below, tips for making your own rubs and sauces and additional wing recipe favorites from our readers!

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