Indulge in the delectable flavors of the Middle East with this mouth-watering Armenian cheese boreg recipe! 

Here is what you need to make Armenian cheese boreg- Eggs, Phyllo, Shredded Cheese, Flat Leaf Parsley, Milk

Begin by grating your own cheese. We use brick cheese (this is hard to source outside of Chicago/ Wisconsin). You can use mozzarella, Monterey jack, or muenster. 

Mix the shredded cheese, flat leaf parsley, and the egg together for the filling and set it aside. This filling can be prepped ahead of time too. 

Melt butter and brush some in the base of your 9x13 inch pan. Add the first piece of phyllo into the base. 

Brush butter over that piece of phyllo and then lay a new piece over the buttered one. Continue to layer butter, and phyllo until you use one roll of the dough from the pack (about 10-12 pieces).

Evenly sprinkle that prepared cheese mixture over that first section of layered phyllo. Spread it across evenly and begin the next section of phyllo layers. 

Layer phyllo and butter again using the entire second roll of dough over the top of the cheese mixture. Then refrigerate for several hours or overnight before cutting. 

After chilling, you will need to cut the slices. It makes 15-18 and you need to slice through all three layers you made. Then pour the egg and milk mixture over the top so it sinks into the pastry. 

Bake until the pastry has puffed up, becomes crispy and golden brown, and the cheese is bubbly. Remove and let it rest 5 minutes before slicing again. 

Serve Armenian cheese boreg as a side dish to your favorite Armenian recipes (or any other foods you like). This is a huge hit and is absolutely addictive!